Day at the Races Candle

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Smells like luxury, feels like home. The Brownstone Home Scent Collection is the perfect touch to any home. Each candle features a beautiful 12oz, reusable, textured goblet inside of a presentation packaging tube makes it perfect for gifting. These beautiful goblets were made for a wonderful display piece to coincide with their warm, Kentucky inspired home scents. The goblet can also be used as a drinking glass after the candle in finished burning. Approx size 3”w x 5”h. Made exclusively for Le Fash by Brownstone in Kentucky.

Day at the Races amplifies the excitement of the season’s changing in the heart of the Bluegrass state. Blood orange excites you with the newness of Kentucky mornings. At the same time, patchouli, black rose, vetiver, and sandalwood are the aromas that perfume the room reminding your body of everything you must be excited about during a day at the races!

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